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Since 1998

Cybermedic Co., Ltd.

Leading a human-centered world.

Recalling the concept of Think Diffrent,
We will become a Cybermedic Research Center devoted to the development of new products.

Cybermedic Co., Ltd., which develops exclusive items and excellent products to strengthen competitiveness in the era of globalization in the 21st century,
We have accumulated know-how in research and development, such as developing and manufacturing FES devices and diagnostic devices for the first time in Korea.

Cybermedic Co., Ltd., a leading development product in the field of rehabilitation treatment, sports rehabilitation equipment, diagnostic equipment, and oriental medicine treatment equipment, has excellent technology and advanced expertise in mutual exchanges with leading medical schools and university hospitals. We are securing manpower, and we are operating a systematic development system by boldly investing development costs with the aim of developing medical devices and healthcare devices that can compete in the global market.

For a better life for mankind, all of our research centers will continue to devote themselves to developing the best products using the know-how accumulated from the user's point of view and cutting-edge medical engineering.