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Since 1998

Cybermedic Inc.

Leading a human-centered world.

Cybermedic Co., Ltd. aims to become a superhuman enterprise in the 21st century, and promises to introduce more advanced medical devices through continuous research and development and efforts.

Cybermedic Co., Ltd. was established for the purpose of developing cutting-edge medical devices for a healthy and happy human life, and has been devoted to research and development based on the three major axes of brain health devices, rehabilitation training devices, and healthcare devices. As a result of these efforts, “cognitive evaluation and training, brain stimulator, brain blood flow meter” in the field of brain health, “upper and lower extremity exercise machine for stroke patients, swallowing therapy and electric stimulator, robot rehabilitation device” in the field of rehabilitation, healthcare We have succeeded in commercializing “smart customized exercise, day care center platform” in the field, and are continuously developing in the deep interest of domestic and foreign medical institutions and customers.

Cybermedic Co., Ltd. promises to do its best to become a world-class company always with customers by guaranteeing quality products and the best quality.

Thank you.

Ho-Chun Jung, CEO of Cybermedic Co., Ltd.